Eva Ihle, MD, PhD

Medical Director, Autism Clinic

Dr. Eva Ihle is a neuroscientist and psychiatrist who specializes in the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, particularly autism spectrum disorders, in adults and children.

As both scientist and physician, Dr. Ihle splits her time between studying the brain in the laboratory and treating patients in the clinic. Her earliest research, performed even before earning her MD and PhD at the University of Chicago, focused on the developmental foundation for social behavior in the songbird brain.

As the medical director of UCSF’s Autism Clinic, she specializes in the differential diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders, which can be hard to distinguish from other social and cognitive disorders. She brings a nuanced understanding of brain chemistry to the process of crafting a specialized plan for each patient’s treatment.

“I see caring for people as providing both immediate help and ultimate help,” says Dr. Ihle. “Immediate help is directly providing medical care to patients. The ultimate help, the way I see it, is to do research on brain disorders.”