Multi-disciplinary Assessment Center (MDAC) at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH)

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UCSF Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Center (MDAC) Team at San Francisco General Hospital

The UCSF Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Center (MDAC) at San Francisco General Hospital provides family-centered assessment services, diagnosis, service linkage, short-term intervention and case management to children and families needing neurological, psychological and medical assessment for suspected or actual developmental delay. MDAC is supported by First5 San Francisco.

Our clinical team consists of specialists in child developmental and behavior, psychology, education, speech and occupational therapies. We work collaboratively with providers throughout the community for comprehensive care. Common referrals questions involve speech delay, autism, and delays in more than one area of development.

Funded by First5 San Francisco, the MDAC provides developmental assessment for all children under age 6 years who reside in San Francisco as well as children insured by Medi-Cal who have their primary care in the San Francisco Health Network (DPH Clinics).

What to Expect

  • During your child’s first visit, our staff will conduct an intake interview lasting approximately 90 minutes.
  • Your child will also receive a physical exam by one of our pediatric health care providers.
  • When appropriate, we will ask you to return with your child for one or more follow up visits to complete the evaluation with other specialist on the MDAC team.
  • Once the evaluation is complete, you will be asked to attend one final appointment during which the results and MDAC recommendations will be explained to you.
  • A copy of the final report will be given to you so that you may share the results with other providers caring for your child.


Our goal is to assist you in having a better understanding of your child’s development—his or her way of seeing the world and being in it. The sooner delays are recognized, the sooner your child may receive treatment services, which may help your child reach his or her full potential.

Our experts will evaluate your child and provide recommendations for services, therapies, and home interventions. After the evaluation is completed, we provide case management to ensure your child is linked to services at agencies such as Golden Gate Regional Center, San Francisco Unified School District, and private autism service providers.

How to Refer

For an appointment, please call (415) 206-6129.
You can fax our referral form to (415) 206-6302.
Providers or parents may use this referral form to initiate a visit at MDAC.

What to Bring?

Please bring the following documents with you to your first appointment at MDAC (if applicable)

  • Medical records (if your child is not seen at SFGH)
  • Evaluation report(s) (e.g., IFSP, testing by other providers)
  • School documents (e.g., SST, IEP)

Please also bring the names and phone numbers of other providers caring for your child (e.g., PCP, teacher, therapists).

Where we are Located

MDAC is located at San Francisco General Hospital Building 5 (main grey hospital building) on the 6th floor, Ward 6B.

The parking at SFGH can be challenging. There is limited 1- and 2-hour street parking on surrounding streets. Additionally, there are two paid parking areas—a small lot adjacent to the hospital (entrance at 23rd Street) and a parking garage (entrance at 24th Street).

First5 and MDAC Commitment to the Community

In accordance with the mission of First5 San Francisco, MDAC conducts developmental assessment for any child under age 6 years who is a resident of San Francisco, regardless of insurance status.

Children over age 6 may be seen at MDAC if they are insured by Medi-Cal and are seen for primary care at:

  • Department of Public Health clinics such as 6M Pediatric Clinic, Family Health Center, Silver Avenue, Southeast, etc.
  • Northeast Medical Services
  • Mission Neighborhood Health Center

Interpreting Services

Language should not be a barrier for patients and their families seeking evaluation. San Francisco General Hospital provides interpreters in person and via phone for medical visits free of charge. In addition, nearly all MDAC clinical team members are fluent in Spanish, and one team member is fluent in Cantonese.